The Latin Ballroom Dance Club is a great club for people who enjoy dancing; want to learn or
improve their dancing, have fun and remain physically and mentally active.The club has dances
twice a month from October through May and offers a variety of social, latin and ballroom dance
lessons from October through March for both beginner and intermediate dancers. Dance
instruction is excellent and the cost is very minimal. There are also two, one hour practice
sessions available weekly.

A variety of social, latin and ballroom music is played at the dances. Social dance music
includes east coast swing, west coast swing, night club two step, hustle, salsa, merengue, and
polka. Latin or American Rhythm dances are cha cha, samba, rumba, bolero and mambo.
Ballroom smooth dance music includes waltz, quick step, foxtrot, tango and Viennese waltz.
Music for the more popular dances is played more often.

The dances, as well as the lessons provide an opportunity to make new and lasting friendships.
Members support each other and encourage newbies to get out on the floor and dance. The
music played at dances includes many favorites, is enjoyable to listen to and easy to dance to.
All this together makes a great night out as well as being good for your mind and body.

With lessons, practice and time you can expect to become a very good social dancer, if you are
not already. Since there are a variety of beginner and intermediate lessons provided, you can
choose those you prefer. Rumba, cha cha and east coast swing are some of the easier dances
to learn and many people start with these. Besides practice, coming to dances
is a great way to improve, even if you have only had a few lessons. Watching more experienced
dancers and listening to the music rhythm makes learning enjoyable.

Come join the fun
For more information, visit our upcoming events.